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Deseos del Corazon, Chapter 2 (5/29/03)



Angel de Dolores by Mariposa. Posted 3/11/01

 In this story, we meet Angel, a young man based on aspects of both Freddie Prinze and Chico Rodriguez. By chance he meets Dolores, a young woman in need, and as his name implies becomes her protector. Their roles are reversed when her mistake leads to him being seriously hurt, but their love for each other transcends everything they must face in order to be together forever.

Enjoy this love story from our very first contributer!

Letters We Would Have Written by Ana Moreno. Posted 4/2/01

Did you ever write a fan letter? Did you ever wish you had? In this story, a fifteen year old girl named Laurel writes a simple fan letter to Freddie, and ends up having a teenage girl's dream come true--friendship with Freddie Prinze.

Emergency Chapters by Michelle Gussow

 Chapter VII - This is actually a chapter in a running story based on the characters from the show Emergency. However, at the end of the chapter, our Freddie shows up for a moment. So pop into the station, and smile at Freddie!

 Chapter X - Freddie pays another visit to the characters of Emergency, this time helping Mike Stoker celebrate his birthday!

Salvation by Dulcinea. Posted 4/30/01

 This is a story. It is not intended to point a finger of guilt at anyone involved in the life and death of Freddie Prinze Sr. As the note he left the night he died states, he alone was responsible for the decisions he made. The author's only intent is to tell a story of how it might have been. The characters in the story are based on real people only as it relates to Freddie. The rest are fictional. Those of us who admire the talent of this extraordinary young man were touched and saddened at his death. This is one fan's fantasy of how it might have been if he had been helped in time. It is dedicated to the memory of Freddie Prinze, all his legion of loyal fans, and one special fan who has helped me tell this story. Thanks!

Pesadilla Dulce (Sweet Nightmare) by Mariposa. Posted 5/7/01

 A poem by the author of "Angel de Dolores".

Angel Poems by Anonymous. Posted 5/7/01

 Three poems inspired by the character of Angel in "Angel de Dolores"

Mera Mami Linda, Oyee! by Suzanne Magoon. Posted 5/31/01

 On a short trip to Los Angeles, Suzy meets and falls in love with Chico Rodriquez. But when she comes back to stay, she learns that happily-ever-after doesn't last very long at all. Especially when you're not sure who you're in love with . . .

Dancing with Frankie Delgado by Ana Moreno. Re-Posted 6/4/01

 Freddie Prinze took ballet lessons as a child and had been accepted to the Joffrey Ballet School just before quitting high school to pursue stand-up comedy. This story by the author of "Letters We Would Have Written" imagines what could have happened if a young man like Freddie had pursued dance and had met a young girl who could not give him up to that world.

Road Tripping' - Viva Las Vegas! by Suzanne Magoon. Posted 7/12/01

 A farewell to Louis' car, Rosebud, leads to a spontaneous trip to Las Vegas, Flying Elvis', and a surprise wedding! But where will Reverand Bemis' gambling addiction take him?

Memories are Made For This by Suzanne Magoon. Posted 8/15/01

 Ed meets the love of his life, Violet Baines, just as Chico's father drops back into Chico's life, causing havoc with Chico's emotion's, and threatening Ed's new found relationship!

A Place to Call Home by Joy Olson. Posted 8/17/01

 A place to call home is the story of what it's like to be a young boy trapped in an abusive situation. Through a series of events he meets two special friends who reach out in hope, help, and most of all, love to see him through the pain to a brighter day.

Pobrecito by Mariposa. Posted 8/23/01

 This is a sweet, intense poem that combines the persona's of both Freddie and Chico, using symbolism to touch on the tragedies in both lives, and to parallel them.

Homecoming by Luckymama. Posted 9/6/01

 After years away, Karen comes home to Uncle Ed's garage, hoping to make a life for herself there. When she finds a young man Chico taking her place, an unspoken competition for the garage and Ed's affection begins. Can they overcome their animosity to discover they were meant for each other?

Letters From the Road by Luckymama. Posted 10/8/01

 "The following is a collection of letters from Annette Reynolds to her best friend Ashley Peters. Annette is a 22 year old guitarist and lead singer in a new band, The Rage, based out of Washington DC. After recording their first album, "Sessions from the Garage", and having their first single release "Crazy in Love" hit # 1 on the Billboard charts, Annette's band has been invited to perform their hit on the Tonight show . . . "

Eternal by Ana Moreno. Posted 11/6/01

 It isn't difficult to imagine Freddie as a vampire, with his dark beauty and seductive charm. In this story we meet Istvan Bathory, the fictional husband of the long-ago, real-life Hungarian countess Elizabeth, who was accused of being a vampire and suffered a horrible punishment. Will meeting a special modern-day woman help Istvan break the curse that gave him a hopelessly eternal life?

Dreams Come True by Mariposa. Posted 11/12/01

 Have you ever wondered what happened to Ed's daughter Sharon after she was mentioned in one early episode of "Chico and the Man" and then appeared in only one other? This story by the author of "Angel de Dolores" reintroduces Sharon and gives us a chance to think about "what might have been".

A New Beginning (Sequel to Salvation) by Dulcinea (Luckymama). Posted 11/26/01

 Married life is proving to be full of challenges and surprises for Freddie and Rita, in this sequel to Salvation.

Los Regalos Del Corazon by Mariposa. Posted 12/21/01

 Chico and Sharon face their first Christmas as an engaged couple short of funds. How will they each raise the money for the other's present--and what surprises ensue as a result of their efforts? A Christmas present to all the Freddie fans from Mariposa, and a sequel to "Dreams Come True".

Breaking Through by Macca. Posted 1/23/02

 Breaking Through is a story very dear to my heart. I wanted to touch on a meaningful subject. I have always been interested in the subject of child abuse...actually horrified that any parent would actually hurt their own child purposely. So I created two main characters....Enrico Santiago Valdez....the victim of abuse. He is a social worker who grew up in Harlem and decides to make a difference in the children's lives that still live there. He will go to any lengths to help his clients to rise above all the poverty and drugs that surround them each day. He is trying to take a sad song and make it better. His own struggle to overcome his childhood are touched upon through his own stories as well as flashbacks and nightmares. He is a gentle soul, who carries a great deal of torment in his heart but is determined to break the cycle of abuse in his own life. Will he overcome?? Perhaps with the help of his best friend.!!!! Patrick Conway..he is Enrico's best friend...he is wealthy and is from a very loving family. Quite the opposite of Enrico. He and Enrico share something so special that at times it is hard to write about. Through their friendship...they have become as close as brothers. Patrick is determined to help Enrico move past his childhood nightmares and help him make a better life for himself. He has managed to gain Enrico's trust and revels in the bond that they share.

Home is Where the Heart Is by Joy Olson. Posted 2/14/02

 Joey has found a new, safe, and loving environment. He is happy and safe but that doesn't mean that all the darkness of his past is over or forgotten. For Joey it is a time of transition and adjustment. For his guardian, a handsome young Chicano, it's a time of learning and uncertainty as they do their best to become a family.

Shattered Dreams by Joy Olson. Posted 7/19/02

 Life is full of ups and downs, and no one knows that better than Joey. But just as he and Chico begin to settle into a real family life, death takes a loved one once again. This time, Joey must be there for Chico. Can he help his new Papa deal with an unthinkable loss?

La Manzana De Su Ojo by Luckymama. Posted 3/4/03

 Carol Miller was used to dealing with mysterious deaths, working as a reporter for the LA Dispatch, but when her dreams are haunted by one that took place almost 20 years ago, she begins to wonder if she isn't losing her mind. With the help of her friends, including her best friend Susan Verdas, she is able help a love from her past make things right by taking another look at his death, and solve a current mysterious death in the process.

Deseos del Corazon by Suzanne Magoon. Posted 3/20/03

 Suzanne's second passing leaves Chico and Mando devastated and uncertain what the future held. Until, that is, the "late" Suzanne shows up on Mando's doorstep!